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Statistics Minor

This program follows core guidelines for a minor in statistics recommended by the American Statistical Association, their recommendations being, specifically, courses in general statistical methodology, statistical modeling and exposure to professional statistical software.

2 Required Courses

  • STA 215/Statistical Inference
  • STA 305/Regression Analysis

3 Options

  • STA 303/Design of Experiments
  • STA 304/Sampling and Non-parametric Statistics
  • STA 306/Applied Multivariate Analysis
  • STA 307/Data Mining and Predictive Modeling
  • STA 314/Statistical Quality Control
  • MAT 316/Probability
  • MAT 317/Linear Programming
  • STA 318/Operations Research
  • STA 410/Mathematical Statistics
  • STA 492/Internship II in Statistics
  • STA 494/Seminar in Statistics
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